About us

SATC is a national reference center dedicated to the promotion of Research, Education and Innovation.
We strive to ensure uniformity and state of the art treatment of Advanced Adenomas and Early Colorectal Cancers.

Our activities are based on Research, Clinical Excellence, Education, Innovation & Quality Assessment. The SATC Center (Store Adenomer Tidlige Cancere) was established in 2013. We are funded by the Region of Southern Denmark.


Our research unit is focused on reducing colorectal cancer death and introducing minimal invasive surgery (MIS) without compromising overall survival. It seems obvious that significant progress in survival will come from primary prevention and earlier detection rather than from more advanced treatment of late cases.
We are engaged in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of colorectal cancer death:

  • Primary prevention: We have for many years been engaged in the investigation and development of dietary substances with cancer prevention capabilities.
  • Secondary prevention: For 2 years we have engaged ourselves in a major private-public partnership to investigate alternative methods of colorectal cancer screening by colon camera capsule (CCE) investigations.
  • Tertiary prevention / Early treatment: The large adenomas and the early cancers of the colon and rectum can potentially be treated with advanced transanal, minimal invasive, surgical procedures. Differentiation of treatment increases the demands for high quality of preoperative staging of the disease.

Clinical Excellence

Surgical Department, OUH provides state of the art diagnosis and treatment of colorectal tumors. Education in advanced endoscopic procedures of the medical staff is a priority. Equipment used is likewise state of the art.

To ensure uniformity in treatment of colorectal tumors, benign or malignant, we have introduced a video system, EndoConf, whereby all endoscopic units in the region can access expert consultation by live video link of an inprogress endoscopy.
The SATC-Center will organize regional virtual Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) – conferences of advanced colorectal polyps.


The SATC-Center is hosting various courses, an international symposium and a congress.
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Innovation & Quality Assessment

The database of endoscopically removed tumors delivers bi-annually status reports on complications, recurrence and completeness of treatment.
The SATC Center will provide ongoing reports to ensure and monitor the quality of performed endoscopic examinations/operations.

We will continuously, in collaboration with industrial partners, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of equipment under development.