05 Mar 2020

Communication with the patient

OUH Svendborg Hospital

Do you feel that you need more inspiration and maybe also  a few communicationstools when you are facing a difficult situation with a patient that is specifically challenging?
Join us for a day of training communication in relation to the patient.  Sign up below

In this course, we present evidence-based theories and work with practical training.

The content of the course will be based on the situations the attendees find specifically challenging. During the day, we train communication in smaller teams and with actors as conversation partners.

Courselanguage: Danish

Preliminary programme

Registration Deadline 27th of February 2020

The course will be held at OUH Svendborg Sygehus, entrance 85, 3 rd floor, Atrium, 5700 Svendborg

Coursefee 750 DKK (Participant from the Region of Southern Denmark are exempted course fees according to sponsorship from the region.)

Payment: If you sign up for the course with a EAN number, we will send you an invoice. Otherwise you can transfer the payment:

Name of bank : Jyske bank
Jyske Bank

o    Registration Number: 7562 account number: 0001090077

o    IBAN: DK2475620001090077