25 Jan 2018

Communication with the patient

OUH Svendborg Hospital

OUH – Svendborg Hospital
Atrium 2, entr. West 3rd floor
Baagøes Allé 15, DK-5700 Svendborg

You can find the final programme here.

Deadline for registration 20th November 2017.

Please send an e-mail to  ouh.a.satc@rsyd.dk with your Name, Title and Workplace.

From research in practice, we know something about what we need to do, to communicate well with our patients, and from education and practice we know something about what it takes to learn new communication techniques. In this course, we present evidence-based theories and work with practical training in relation to communication with patients. The content of the course will be based on the situations the students find specifically challenging. During the day, we train communication in smaller teams and with actors as conversation partners.

Therefore the students must submit a small paper (1/2 A4 page) about a challenging situation in communication with patients, and they will receive a small questionnaire before and after the course, which must be answered and returned to the course secretary ouh.a.satc@rsyd.dk

Price:- DKK 550. (Participant from the Region of Southern Denmark are exempted course fees according to sponsorship from the region.)

Name of bank : Jyske bank

Jyske Bank

o    Registration Number: 7562 account number: 0001090077

o    IBAN: DK2475620001090077