Test of the EVIS X1 Platform

Test of the EVIS X1 Platform

In our SATC-center we had the new endoscopy platform from Olympus on trial for a two week period. Four endoscopist, who regularly performs advanced resection of neoplasia in the colon and rectum, tested the platform.

Our experience with EVIS X1 Platform and the new CF-EZ1500DL/I colonovideoscope are as follows.
The platform itself has approximately the same size and connects easily to the regulators in the endoscopy room. It is unfortunate that the platform is now separated from the surgical platform, requiring two separate platforms, where the latter platform EVIS EXCERA III could host both endoscopy and surgery equipment.

However, the EVIS X1 platform provides some new features. The combination of TXI and EDOF technology probably will enhance Adenoma Detection Rate(ADR).

TXI (Texture and Color Enhancement Imaging, Olympus is promoting it, the new white light) is a digital optimization of the picture, it enhances the contrast and the light. Hereby the pathology becomes clearer, since it stands out from the normal color of the mucosae.
I don’t feel or see anything resembling a sense of the texture, but surely, the pathology is remarkably evident.

EDOF (Extended Depth of Field) is a futher development of the function near focus, where EDOF provides a larger area(extended depth) to be in focus. It works well. You can still get a detailed picture as you could by near focus. There is an extra feature, Dual Focus function, which allows a digital zoom function.

NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) is as we know it, and very usefull for the well-established NICE categorization.

RDI (Red Dichromatic Imaging) is a picture electronically altered to allow ‘see thorugh’ the pulsation red blood. It might have potential to ease the complicated procedure where you have to make hemostasis from a bleeding, that might be in a difficult location, or if the bleeding is profuse, so you don’t have the time to chance the instruments before your field of view is gone.

Finally we learned to appreciate the, however small, alterations to the grip, but acknowledge that Olympus is trying to make the ergonomic better for the endoscopist

I will also comment on the intuitive touch screen, with the programmable menus. To make changes in the setup is easy, and with the new colonovideoscope there is quite a few ways to have it.